1995 A.P Co-operative Society Act

The Andhra Pradesh Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies Act,

1995 (the APMACS Act or the 1995 Act) was passed unanimously

By the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly on 4th May 1995, after

the floor leaders of various political parties had spoken in favor of

the related Bill introduced by the Government. It was notified on 1st

June 1995. That all the parties wanted such a law for the people of

the state speaks volumes for the spirit behind and the contents of

this legislation. The Statement of Objects and Reasons for

Introducing the Bill, a brief background note on enactment of a

parallel laws for new generation cooperatives, and a statement

comparing provisions in the 1964 Act and the 1995 Act relating to

various aspects of cooperation are given in the end.

While the Statement of Objects and Reasons is unambiguous in its

language, since this piece of legislation was a landmark in the history

of the cooperative movement in India, many persons have expressed

interest in the intent behind and possible implications of various

provisions in the APMACS Act.

This publication seeks to explain the shifts made in this law from the

older cooperative law in Andhra Pradesh. Through the use of this law

by cooperators, many new nuances are being discovered in the

various provisions – not all perhaps were intended at the time of

legislation! This law was enacted as a response to the anguish of

self-respecting cooperators frustrated by an archaic cooperative law.

As a law is not just what the law makers wished it to be, but is also

what it becomes through usage, and through interpretation when

interpretation is sought, this publication comments on the various

provisions in the APMACS Act keeping in mind the causes behind the

enactment, the possible intent, the actual implications in usage, and

some possible interpretation. It is hoped that this publication will

be useful to cooperators, administrators, law makers, academicians,

and jurists.

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APMACS 1995 Act(Download here)

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